This started as a blog about technology, politics and law, about how we organise and manage ourselves the way we do, how consensus is formed and how it evolves, and how individual, minority and group rights and freedoms are rationalised in diverse settings. It has become more about critical theory, philosophy, and even theology, in understanding who we are.

Some of the subjects I’m really interested in – quantum mechanics and the nature of reality in ‘physical’ terms (though I’ve not blogged on it yet); Heidegger, Husserl and Phenomenology; French post-structuralism, and in particular Gilles Deleuze, ontologies and the concept of art as resistance; and art, in particular modern art – late-nineteenth to mid-twentieth century. I’m also interested in the philosophy of technology, technology as theology, media theory, and artificial intelligence. Finally, I’m interested in the difference between methodological inividualism and methodological collectivism, the blind spots of libertarianism, ecology, and object oriented ontology.

I work for IBM in AI, but this is a personal rant.

Anthony Behan, June 2020

One thought on “About”

  1. Just came across your site and must say a lot it rings true for me – we are lost as a species and need to connect with the Devine somehow in order to survive

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