Here I’ll post more coherent / formal publications and considerations on key subjects and structural comments on the way in which I think my research needs to be conducted.

The first piece is my original PhD submission, which I ultimately chose not to pursue due to time constraints with the day job.  In it, I begin to tease at the subject:  Politics, the State, and Government in the Western Liberal Democratic Tradition: Is State Authority and Legitimacy Fundamentally Undermined by Communications Technology? There are several aspects to it, and there is some commentary on how communications itself can be used to measure its own impact, through semantic analysis and sentiment quantification on social media.

Politics, the State, and Government in the Western Liberal Democratic Tradition

My Masters Thesis, which I finally completed in 2017, continued the general theme, but focused on automation. While I had initially planned to take a wider view, the discipline of social science research and the strict formulation of a research question narrowed the subject to road traffic law enforcement. The research part of the work – on speed cameras in particular – is a little weak. The literature review was most fun, and sweeping.

The Politics of Automation

My first byline in an academic journal was in truth more the work of John Danaher and Rónán Kennedy, to which I was afforded some credit. The work, published in the journal Big Data & Society on Algorithmic Governance, was the result of a multi-disciplinary conference workshop organised by the aforementioned Drs Danaher & Kennedy in mid-2016.

Algorithmic Governance: Developing a research agenda through the power of collective intelligence


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