International Affairs is About Networks, Not States

Ann Marie Slaughter makes an intersting point – that the practice of International Relations is not a consideration of states, but of networks. Worth 22 minutes.


5 thoughts on “International Affairs is About Networks, Not States

  1. […] linked yesterday to Ann-Marie Slaughter‘s excellent presentation to PopTech on International Relations and the […]

  2. […] as Ann Marie Slaughter in her excellent TED talk spoke about networks, not nations, that States don’t act as they used to, the integrity of the […]

  3. […] lesser degree, with the possible exception of North Korea. As Ann-Marie Slaughter described on her Ted Talk we blogged about here, the modern sphere of international relations is dominated by networks, not states, that […]

  4. […] for influence, globally, regionally, and in bilateral relationships.  Anne-Marie Slaughter talked about modern networks of States, multi-nationals, and NGOs with common interests, forming alliances and […]

  5. […] looked at Bobbit’s market state concept, and Slaughter’s concept of global networks as mechanisms to redefine the state structure. There are other theories, like […]

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